chapter  1
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Exemplification in Communication

Ε verybody is familiar with examples. Everybody has been given examples, and everybody has related examples to others in efforts of elucidating a broader concept or issue. Everybody, then, has some tacit understanding of a relation be­ tween an example and a larger entity to be exemplified by it. What is implied is that more than one example exists and that several examples tend to do a better job than just one in explaining aspects and features of the exemplified entity. What is also implied is that an utterly unique, singular incident, such as the first moon landing by humans, could only exemplify itself; hence, it could not serve as an ex­ ample of other first moon landings by humans. It may, however, serve as an exam­ ple of other landings of spacecraft, if the expositional focus were on aspects of the event that exhibit a degree of similarity with other events under consideration.