chapter  13
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Linking Bilingual Mathematics Assessments: A Monolingual IRT Approach: Seung W. Choi and Marty McCall

The need to include more and different populations in state assessment has spurred

innovative psychometric thinking. Other chapters in this book discuss ways to assess

more special education students by expanding the range of measurement. This chapter is

about using translated mathematics tests to extend the assessment system to more

English-language learners (ELLs). It addresses the technical problem of putting different

language versions of a test on the same scale. The use of translated tests is not unique to

education. Multilingual tests are widely used in technical certification and for armed

forces and civil services exams in countries with more than one official language. Many

recent advances in crosslanguage testing have arisen from the globalization of business

and technology. Nevertheless, problems of creating equivalent tests on a common scale

are not, as yet, entirely solved. This chapter discusses some of these issues and reports

Oregon’s efforts to grapple with them.