chapter  15
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Assessment of English-Language Learners in the Oregon Statewide Assessment System: National and State Perspectives: Richard P. Durán, Catherine Brown, and Marty McCall

Oregon’s response to the assessment of English-language learners1 (ELLs) can inform

progress on national assessment issues as well as issues unique to Oregon. Like other

states, Oregon is deeply involved in responding to national-and state-level calls for

education reform, including calls for the use of assessments as tools to inform

accountability and the use of assessment in making increasingly high-stakes decisions

about students’ educational progress and certification. In this chapter, we examine

Oregon’s strategies and outcomes for ELL assessment introduced since passage of 1991

legislation creating the Oregon Statewide Assessment System.2 We begin with mention

of national policy issues and related assessment concerns in the area of ELL assessment

and the dovetailing of these concerns with fundamental validity issues in assessment.