chapter  1
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Communicating matters

James Scott (1998) provided an absorbing, and tragic, account of the consequences of neglecting practical knowledge in his book, subtitled "How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed."The schemes he described included the Great Leap Forward in China, collectivization in Russia, and compulsory villagization in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Ethiopiaall of which "are among the great human tragedies of the twentieth century, in terms of both lives lost and lives irretrievably disrupted" (Scott,199B, p. 3). Scott identified a combination of four critical elements to account for why

In the third chapter, I turn to a consideration of what it can mean to treat communicating as the process of concern. Here I voice my particular social constructionist view of communicating, in terms oftalking about language as something we inhabit, and consider how we make sense in this inherently vague, ambiguous, and uncertain process. What this means for a practical theory of communicating is also considered. Finally, in chapter 31 explain why I have been using the term communicating and not communication, as part of a shift into a new language game.