chapter  4
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The Effect of the Native American Higher Education Initiative on Strengthening Tribal Colleges and Universities: Focus on Governance and Finance

The tribai college and university (TCU) movement's institutions are unique in terms of govemance, organization, and finance when compared to other institutions ofhigher education throughout the United States. The colleges are individually chartered through the authority of tribai govemments, which have much the same jurisdictional authority as state govemments and relate to the federal govemment on a government-togovemment basis. Tribai colleges are relatively new institutions, with the oldest, Dine Community College, being 32 years old. For the most part, they are relatively small institutions. From the beginning, tribai colleges have followed the example of American Indian tribes, banding together to gain

strength and recognition. This banding together of the TCUs led to the formation of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) in 1973, which in turn led to the development 15 years later of the American Indian College Fund (AI CF) .