chapter  5
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Conceptual Index to Strategies

The following list contains every lexical form that was tagged as a significant concept in the 372 strategy representations authored in this study. To create this list, each capitalized and italicized word or phrase in the representations was algorithmically extracted. The resulting instances were reduced to the following list of lexical forms by removing duplicate instances. In order to produce a controlled vocabulary from these forms, groups of synonymous forms were identified, and a single controlled form was chosen from among each group. In the list that follows, controlled terms are accompanied by a reference (in parentheses) to which of the 48 representational areas of chapter 6 the controlled term has been assigned. In the line after each controlled term entry is a list of each strategy where the term or its synonym was used, indicated as a letter (the first letter of the strategic domain) and a number. Uncontrolled terms are listed with a pointer to their controlled forms.