chapter  3
The First Phase of Problem Posing: Accepting
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The central concept is that of student as author and as editorial board member. Placing the student in such a role is a radical notion because it assumes a kind of expertise normally reserved for researchers or educators and not for their students. Such a reversal of role, however, is consistent with our fundamental notion that students ought to participate actively in their own education and not be mere recipients of knowledge. Communication has become one of the central themes developed in the 'Standards' and elsewhere. As such, journal keeping is included as an important element in many recent documents. The main purpose of this course is to provide a context which will counteract an approach to mathematics which is characterized by clear organization of content, clearly posed problems, logical development of definitions, theorems, proofs. As the boards define their policy, they broaden their role from that of merely receiving papers to actually soliciting those that reflect their emerging policy.