chapter  4
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Dynamic systems theories

The critique of Darwinian theory and more broadly of dichoto­ mous and preformationist thinking about development has already led towards a dynamic developmental systems view, in which a complex of interacting factors make up the causal flux. Hopefully, my arguments already make you feel unsure about the traditional view, but the case would be strengthened if the alternative were more articulate. Dynamic systems theo­ ries provide us with with some of the means to be more explicit. In this chapter I will outline its key features, based on the work of Swenson and Turvey (1991); van der Maas and Molenaar (1992); Lockman and Thelen (1993); Thelen and Smith (1994); Goldfield, (1995); Connolly and Forssberg (1997); Dent-Reed and Zukow-Goldring (1997); van der Maas and Hopkins (1998); and Wimmers et al. (1998).