chapter  11
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ThtThe three of us started this project with different goals. Gabriela wanted to gain understanding of her memorization process-to know in a more systematic way what works for her-to make her practice more efficient and rewarding. She also wanted to use our results to help other pianists, both students and professional concert artists. Roger hoped to extend the scientific literature on expert memory to a new and interesting domain and identify characteristics of expert practice. Mary shared their goals and also hoped to examine the process of interdisciplinary collaboration by using Gabriela's and Roger's research as a case study. In this concluding chapter, we assess how well we met all these goals. We first address Gabriela's and Roger's goals by summarizing what we learned about memory, performance, and piano practice. We then address the lessons learned from our attempt to work together despite differences in epistemological viewpoints, domains of expertise, and social positions. Finally, each of us speaks briefly about how we were changed by participating in this research.