2R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul, Minnesota
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The very firs t awareness of the incident came early morning one day when I went out to get the paper on my step-I was getting ready for work-and it was a headline up here because tha t type of activity-tha t is to say, cross burning on someone’s lawn-was to my way of thinking virtually unheard of up here, although I heard from others later tha t it wasn't as isolated as I thought. But in any case, th a t was the firs t I'd heard of it. It was splashed on the front page of the daily newspaper up here. I think th a t was on perhaps a Fri-

day, and then I happened to have court on Monday, and just happened to be given the petition-which is what i t ’s called when i t ’s an underage person-charg­ ing him with the cross-burning violation. I wasn't too pleased, as I recall.