chapter  5
Hustler Magazine and Larry C. Flynt v. Jerry Falwell
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ALAN ISAACMAN: I started to represent Larry Flynt in 1978, about 6 months after he got shot. He got shot in March of ’78. He moved his business operation from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles. I was practicing law here. I was with a firm and had been practicing for about 10 years or so and tried a lot of cases in the interim. He sent his in-house general counsel around to interview some law firms. The attorney interviewed us. I met with them and we started doing some business. He had just had a very large verdict against him back in Ohio in one of the Guccione cases. It was something like a $39 million jury award which a judge reduced to about $10 million, and put a special master in charge of all his affairs. So he was really kind of reeling from th a t in a kind of financial sense. He had been sued by Herve Villechaize, who’s now deceased. Villechaize played "Tattoo" on "Fantasy Island." There was a libel claim there and I began to represent Flynt in tha t case. That's pre tty much the f irs t case I had for him.