chapter  6
Cohen v. Cowles Media Company
Pages 49

Well, firs t of all I called them and said I have some infor­ mation. I developed a little litany. And the litany went like this: "I have some documents which may or may not relate to a candidate in the upcoming election, and if you will give me a promise of confidentiality-tha t is, tha t I will be treated as an anonymous source, tha t my name will not appear in any material in connection with this, and you will also agree tha t you're not going to pursue with me a question of who my source is-then I’ll furnish you with the documents." Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So I went over there. The meet­ ings with the reporters, which I tried to engage each of them privately, despite the fact tha t they were all kind of clustered in small offices in a little warren down in the basement [of the Capitol building].