chapter  9
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., et al. v. Federal Communications Commission, et al.
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I’ve been doing must carry for what seems to be all of my adult life. Before I came to the NAB, I was in a law firm tha t at one point represented NAB and what was then called INTV-now ALTV-involved in must carry cases. When I came to the NAB in 1990, I was brought in a t tha t point primarily to work on cable is­ sues as NAB was gearing up to try to get passage of what became the 1992 Cable Act. So I was the prin­ cipal legal counsel for NAB internally in the develop­ ment of the '92 Cable Act-in helping to draft sections which we submitted to Congress, testimony

for Congress, etc., etc., including some drafts of what became the ultimate committee report.