chapter  10
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Cultural Context of the Deep South

Region is a concept that is used to identifY and organize areas of Earth's surface for various purposes. A region has certain characteristics that give it a measure of cohesiveness and distinctiveness that set it apart from other regions ... regions are human constructs whose boundaries and characteristics are derived from sets of specific criteria .... Understanding the idea of region and the process of regionalization is fundamental to being geographically informed. (http://www.nationalgeographic.comlxpeditions/standards/05I)

Character curricula do not emerge in a vacuum but represent he cultures in which they are developed. In making this claim we situate ourselves in a tradition that dates at least to 430 B.c., when Herodotus's History of the Greco-Persian wars was published (Cole, 1996). In these volumes Herodotus attempted to describe the wars through an understanding of how the two cultures originated and developed to shape distinctive perspectives and ways of life that came into conflict. From this perspective, worldviews are regarded as functions of engagement in cultural practice. In this chapter we describe some key cultural practices from the regions where the curricula were developed that we found inscribed in the discourses of the character education proposals.