chapter  4
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Lean Office Events—Priceless Knowledge, Team Solutions

Office waste uncovered at The Antioch Company.
WithJane Mobilia-Witte, Kristi Huls

The Lean Office Event was not a management-driven program, but rather a program developed by employees with the objective of taking the waste out of the office environment. The Antioch Company employees had their first office lean event in February 2002. This was a new concept to all employees, as well as the facilitators. The team members must understand the scope of the process that is going to be mapped. Team members must understand the rules for the events. Team members start to realize how they fit into the process as a whole and how their actions affect the up and down stream portions of the process. This is very powerful information. The US market marketing team was developing product, making changes when necessary, and launching the product. The international team would watch the engineering change request report to notice any changes to the product and then submit the appropriate paperwork for the international version of the product.