chapter  9
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“The Calling:” St. Vincent Hospice

WithRobert W. Hall

St. Vincent Hospice illustrates lessons relevant to the behavioral side of process excellence. As far removed from manufacturing as anything can be, St. Vincent Hospice in Indianapolis is a study of excellence in working culture. A hospice is not a hospital. Hospitals are for acute care curative medicine. A hospice serves the terminally ill and their families in the last six months of life, after no further measures to restore health are expected to succeed. Hospice is a way of shepherding people through this dying process. It is not a place of custodial care. A patient is eligible for hospice care when their attending physician attests that curative treatment is no longer expected to be effective, and that if the condition takes its normal course, they will live no more than another six months. Medicare and insurance companies favor hospice care too.