Radar Cross-Section Reduction: Stealth Technology
ByBhaskar Chaudhury
Pages 12

Stealth technology primarily refers to the techniques being used to reduce the radar cross-section (RCS) of an object. Due to several limitations associated with the available stealth technologies, we need to explore more efficient methods of RCS reduction (RCSR). There has been a growing interest around the world in plasma stealth systems, i.e., the use of plasmas for RCSR. This entry briefly describes the major theoretical and experimental developments in the area of plasma stealth, the physics of plasma-based RCSR, essential requirements of RCSR plasma, and the technical feasibility of the concept. Some results in the context of bistatic RCS calculation of a plasma-shielded plate are also shown and discussed. Finally, the entry concludes with a brief discussion on the work needed for further developments and the efficient practical implementation of plasma stealth technology.