Engine Emission Control: Ozone and Plasma Desorption
ByMarcin Holub
Pages 9

A chronological overview of diesel engine exhaust control systems is presented with emphasis on modern ozone injection and gas recirculation–plasma desorption technologies. Basic arrangements are presented with efficiency development over time. Different properties of ozone injection are discussed, and basic chemical reactions are given. Ozone injection was proved to be effective in diesel particulate filter regeneration and nitrogen oxide (NO) oxidation. NO to nitrogen dioxide oxidation leads to efficient wet scrubbing NOx abatement or improved selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in temperatures below 200°C. Finally, an adsorption–desorption technology is presented with multistage process analysis. Results are shown, and energy efficiency of all technologies is compared. Conclusions are given regarding the development and future tasks in plasma-enhanced methods and plasma-supported desorption.