Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Combustion
ByFanying Meng, Yixiang Duan
Pages 7

Plasma-based technologies for combustion enhancement have been studied and developed. The dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), as one of the common methods, combines the advantages of nonequilibrium plasma properties and the ease of atmospheric pressure operation. DBD can dissociate fuel or oxidant to create free radicals and fragmented compounds that play a role in combustion reactions. This study of combustion enhancement is mainly centered on the ignition improvement, the flame stabilization, and the combustion efficiency. This entry summaries the fundamentals of combustion enhancement, the common structure of DBD devices, and the various applications of combustion enhancement using DBD. The aim of this entry is to provide an overview of the technology of plasma-assisted combustion enhancement using DBD and show their various potential industrial applications. Besides, the development status of the main achievements and prospects of future investigations in this field are also discussed.