Metal Deposition: Plasma-Based Processes
ByNeelesh K. Jain, Mayur S. Sawant, Sagar H. Nikam, Suyog Jhavar
Pages 19

Plasma-based metal deposition is one of the most promising emerging areas in surface engineering. It offers a variety of applications in thin film deposition, thick film deposition, hard facing, repairing, remanufacturing, surface modification, and complex three-dimensional (3-D) parts manufacturing. Plasma-based metal deposition processes such as physical vapor deposition and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositions have been used for many years but new processes, such as plasma-transferred arc (PTA) and micro-PTA (µ-PTA) deposition processes capable of 3-D deposition, have attracted the interest of researchers. This entry describes various types of plasma-based metal deposition processes focusing on their working principle, types, advantages, limitations, and applications. It also highlights the developments in plasma-based metal deposition processes aimed to improve deposition rate, deposition quality, and flexibility in selection of deposition and substrate materials. The entry ends with comparative evaluation of the various plasma-based metal deposition processes described.