chapter  6
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Chest Wall Anomalies

WithSherif Emil

Chest wall anomalies or deformities have an incidence of approximately 1:1,000 children and are therefore seen quite frequently in pediatric surgical practices. Chest wall anomalies can also be seen after a number of pediatric conditions that result in diaphragmatic or chest wall asymmetry during childhood, including congenital diaphragmatic hernia and chest wall tumors. In the majority of patients, the deformity is first noticed at the beginning of adolescence, although many parents report noticing subtle chest wall abnormalities in their young children. Chest wall mechanics may be a more accurate way of assessing the effect of pectus excavatum, and its repair, on respiratory function. Pediatric surgeons without enough exposure to this procedure in their training should attend a surgical chest wall anomaly course and perform their first several procedures with the mentorship of a surgeon with ample experience. Poland syndrome is a congenital unilateral chest wall anomaly with a wide phenotypic expression.