chapter  8
Connected Lender Liability
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John and his wife, Susan, have always lived in England. John has a credit card agreement, made in 1990. Susan is a second card-holder on John’s account. Two months ago, whilst on holiday in France, Susan used the card in Fashions a la Mode to pay for a two piece suit; the jacket was priced at 135 euros and the skirt at 60 euros, that is, the equivalent at the then rate of exchange of £90 and £40 respectively. The pound subsequently weakened and, by the time the transaction reached John’s account a month ago, the debit amounted to a total of over £150, Susan’s jacket thus costing in fact over £103 and the skirt over £46. Susan has since then contracted dermatitis from the jacket as she has proved allergic to some dressing in the collar. Also, the suit, which bore a label stating (in both English and French) that it was suitable for dry cleaning, has reacted badly to being given normal dry cleaning and both items have shrunk to half their original size.