chapter  7
Free Movement of Goods
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While the majority o f these aims may be categorised as economic, others have social impacts, while others still can be said to be political in nature. Economic integration is, however; traditionally seen as the primary goal o f the Community and the objective of creating a common market has been explicitly set out under A rt 2 EC. Article 3 EC enlarges upon this by providing a list of activities that the Community must put into effect in order to ensure that the aims are achieved. Article 3(c) in particular provides that the Community must ensure that all ‘obstacles to the free movement o f goods, persons, services and capital’ are abolished and this is supported by A rt 14 EC, which sets out that the internal market shall comprise an area without frontiers in which free movement is ensured.These have commonly become known as the ‘four freedoms’ and it is the first o f these freedoms with which this chapter is primarily concerned.