chapter  5
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R v Jackson 1891: Dictating dominion

This chapter takes the infamous Clitheroe abduction of 1891 as its focus. Against her relatives’ wishes and without their knowledge, Emily Hall, a lady of independent means, had married Edmund Jackson, a man of uncertain wealth, in the autumn of 1887. On the day of the nuptials the couple parted company by agreement and Edmund 4 left the country a few days later. Upon his return, Emily refused to live with him. Having gone to court in an attempt to force her to cohabit, but to no avail, he decided to take matters into his own hands, forcibly seizing Emily and keeping her captive in a Blackburn property owned by his brother. There she remained, whilst her family (the word is used for ease throughout this chapter to refer to her two sisters and brother-in-law – but not her husband) sought her release through the courts.