chapter  1
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Introducing the estate

Throughout the book I will be exploring the ways in which both residents and professionals went about making sense of the changes that had already occurred, and those that were continuing to take place, on a small, multiple-deprived council estate on the edge of Manchester city centre. The estate having declined in appearance, reputation and population, the city had secured approval for its demolition and rebuilding in conjunction with private developers. In contrast to its stigmatised present, it was hoped that this future would be a model of sustainable city centre living. As well as a record of the responses to these changes, this book is in part an attempt to build ‘a locally sensitive sociology of sensibilities about crime’ that reflect the local experience of wider (global) social changes (Girling et al. 2000: 12; Taylor et al. 1996). I hope to explore the ways in which crime figures as a problem amongst others within wider understandings of the trajectories of the estate and its place (and that of its residents) in the world.