chapter  1
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Introduction: the relation between development and climate change

The 'developm ent first' approach, w hich starts from developm ent priorities and integrates climate change vulnerability and greenhouse gas emissions considerations, provides a framework for reconciling development and climate concerns (Beg et al., 2002; Davidson et al., 2003; Heller and Shukla, 2003; Agrawala, 2005 ; Bradley and Baumert, 2005 ; CCAP, 2006 ; Srinivasan, 2006; Halsnaes et al., 2008; O'Brien et al., 2008; Ribeiro and Abreu, 2008). The resulting climate-inclusive policies aim at development with low vulnerability to clim ate change and development with low greenhouse gas emissions. They look for synergies and for a rational consideration of possible trade-offs between the different dim ensions of sustainability.