chapter  7
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Bringing Systems into Line with Values: The Practice of theAccountability, Learning and Planning System (ALPS): Rosalind David, Antonella Mancini and Irene Guijt

This is a story of trying to change organizational systems so that they facilitate, rather than hinder, good development practice. It describes the rethinking of ActionAid's internal planning and reporting system-trying to institutionalize organizational changes so that poor people and their organizations are given the space to be centrally involved in initiating, monitoring and evaluating their own development process. The story gives a personal perspective. Rosalind David and

Antonella Mancini were both members of ActionAid's Impact Assessment Unit (IAU) and from that position contributed to the development and introduction of this new, organization-wide Accountability, Learning and Planning System (ALPS). The aim is to give an honest insight into organizational change, sharing with others the difficulties involved and the problems encountered.