chapter  8
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Traps and Liberations

The challenge is for development professionals to be in touch and up to date. One means is liberation from the Jurassic trap of large multi-purpose questionnaire surveys by inventing and adopting alternatives such as participatory numbers. The urban and capital city trap has become ever more serious, a new black hole with gravity intensified, especially for aid agency and INGO staff, by meetings, negotiations, policy discussions, workshops and the digital tyranny. The many ways to beat the biases of development tourism can be a source of fun as well as insight. Learning face to face with people living in poverty deserves a continued revival. Immersions with overnights are gaining momentum. More needs to be learnt about how to liberate, retaining past learning, improving going to scale, and enabling through values and incentives. Practical ethics are part of pro-poor professionalism. A paradox of power is the win-win that all can gain when those with power over liberate themselves by empowering others.