chapter  10
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United Nations

The Hopi prophecy delivered to the United Nations (UN), and received by the Hopi themselves millennia ago, describes two paths in life: one spiritual and one materialistic. It speaks about knowledge and about individual choices. The Hopi have shared it with the world believing that we are at a critical juncture. Four times they approached the United Nations General Assembly, to warn that the ‘Bahanna’ (‘white’) way of materialism will lead to chaos and our own self-destruction (Mails, 1997, p175). Their overtures were rejected until December 1992 when the UN conceded to host the Cry of The Earth gathering in New York (see Wittenberg Center, 1993).1 By then optics on Indigenous ‘issues’ had changed; at the Rio Earth Summit, traditional knowledge had become political currency. The Hopi are not the only Indigenous People to warn of the testing times and possible danger soon to come if we do not salvage our spiritual selves. In 1990, the Kogi of Colombia issued a documentary film through BBC to ‘give us a final warning’ (Ereira, 2001, p35). This film was conceived by the Mamos, the Kogi spiritual authorities, out of profound sadness and concern for humanity’s present course. ‘We are the Elder Brothers, with knowledge of all things, material and spiritual. We know what you have done. You have sold the clouds. Open your eyes’ (Ereira, 2001, p35). Like the Hopi, the Kogi speak of our widespread annihilation – a purification of the Earth – if we continue to flout sacred law.