chapter  11
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Towards sustainable banking

The effort directed towards sustainable development is an irreversible process that will ultimately result in a second-order process of change. This different approach to the economy will emphasize the importance of a symbiosis between the economic system and ecology as the source of life – and not seeing the ecological dimension simply as a limiting condition for economic activities. After all, a limiting condition will always be seen as a restriction. By applying a different way of thinking in which the economy and ecology are seen as complementary (as yin and yang as opposed to conflicting opposites), it will be possible to develop another way of living and working. This will involve an open process with a link to current reality. This final chapter will attempt to create a connection between the more philosophical discussion in Chapter 10 and current reality as discussed in Parts I and II. This will be accomplished by using today’s reality as a foundation for a view to the future and from that point, distilling activities or developments for the future. Naturally, the question of what this means for banks, and how can they contribute to it will be addressed.