chapter  6
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Responding to the Complexity of Climate Change The overarching moral, economic, scientific and technological

Will we stand by while drought and famine, storms and floods overtake our planet? Or will we look back at today and say that this was the moment when we took a stand? That this was the moment when we began to turn things around? The climate changes we are experiencing are already causing us harm. But in the end, it will not be us who deal with its most devastating effects. It will be our children and our grandchildren. Never has the failure to take on a single challenge so detrimentally affected nearly every aspect of our well being as a nation. And never have the possible solutions, had the potential to do so much good for so many generations to come. This is our generation’s chance. It’s a chance that will not last much longer, but if we work together and seize this moment, we can change the course of this nation (and world) forever.