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Number of farmers adopting The number of farmers involved in the Quncho tef technology scaling-up activities and demonstrations from 2006 to 2009 has been summarized in Table 3. In the four years, the number of farmers’ households directly involved in the scaling up increased from 300 to 7,741. The average annual increment in each year varied from 69 per cent in 2007 up to 454 per cent in 2009. The high increment in the number of farmers involved in the 2009 main season was due to the National Technology Scaling-up Programme, whose activities were undertaken by the research centres. Consequently, the dissemination of the Quncho variety, which was limited only to the project operation districts in two regions, was extended to two additional regions. It should be noted that the figures presented in

Table 3 do not include farmers adopting the variety through farmer-farmer exchange, farmers once involved in scaling-up activities and not participating again as they are supposed to use their own-saved seeds, and farmers obtaining the technology through the regular extension system. Our experiences witnessed that nearly all the farmers once involved in growing the Quncho variety continued with it on an increased area of their farm fields, and they also distributed seeds of the variety to other farmers (i.e. to about three to five farmers on average). Thus, cumulating the farmers involved in the previous years from 2006 to 2008 alone raises the total number of farmers involved in the scaling-up activities in 2009 to 9,607 households (Table 3). Furthermore, our educated guess of the total number of farmers’ households growing the Quncho tef variety in the 2009 main season considering farmer-farmer seed exchange and the contributions of the regular extension system amounts to about 15,500 or even more.