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The partners

The Ghana Grains Partnership is between (a) an international and national consortium of private sector actors Yara1 and Wienco;2 (b) the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF);3 (c) farmers and farmer associations initially in Wienco’s outgrower scheme in the Northern Region; (d) the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the sector policy maker and regulator; (f) commercial banks; (g) Technoserve, an NGO; and (g) output buyers (including processors) and traders. In Ghana, Prorustica,4

together with its local partner MCM Associates, is providing advisory services to the Partnership. In the partnership, their role is as a ‘partnership broker’, coordinating partnership activities, monitoring and evaluation as well as benchmarking and comparative analysis between Ghana and eastern African initiatives where Prorustica is replicating the Partnership model.