chapter  10
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The Evolving Debate

WithAiste Celkyte

Aristotle's Metaphysics greatly influenced the evolution of philosophy in general, and in particular of the discipline that came to be called "metaphysics". Aristotle's critique of Plato's idea that substances are incorporeal forms played an especially important role in the development of metaphysics. "Platonism and Aristotelianism were to become the dominant philosophies of the Western tradition from the second century a.d. at least until the end of the Renaissance, and the legacy of both remains central to Western philosophy". Aristotle's thought was also very important for the Islamic philosophical tradition. Philosophers in medieval Europe also considered Metaphysics a foundational text and debated the differences between Platonism and Aristotelianism and their respective views on the nature of substance. Irish philosopher Terence Irwin suggests, "modern historical study of Aristotle begins in the nineteenth century. Aristotle's Metaphysics enjoys great popularity among philosophers, historians of philosophy, and intellectuals.