chapter  12
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Where Next?

WithAiste Celkyte

Aristotle's Metaphysics has played a significant role in philosophical discussions ever since it was produced. It is likely to remain a very important work for philosophers and other thinkers. Metaphysics was an essential influence in the development of this branch of philosophy in the ancient world, as well as in medieval Western and Islamic philosophy. Contemporary philosophers generally consider Aristotle's main topic—substance—a somewhat outdated concept. Aristotle's Metaphysics continues to be essential reading for philosophers, historians of philosophy, and intellectuals. Contemporary Finnish philosopher Tuomas Tahko also has a continuing interest in Aristotle's Metaphysics. Aristotle's Metaphysics has been central to the development of philosophical ideas for close to two thousand years. Scholars read and discuss this seminal work not only because it plays a very important role in the history of philosophy, but also because the ideas it presents continue to crop up in philosophical debates.