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Gordon Willard Allport argues in his book that prejudice has many causes and that all human beings are capable of it. His theory suggests that prejudice is the result of cognitive processes, of patterns of thinking and beliefs. One of these cognitive processes, the "least-effort principle", was described by Allport before anyone else in relation to prejudice. Allport's intention in writing The Nature of Prejudice was to make a positive difference, as prejudice and discrimination were widespread in the United States and the rest of the world. The book was written when the shocking details of the Holocaust had recently become known and the American Civil Rights Movement, which was fighting for greater rights for minority groups, was gaining momentum. The Nature of Prejudice is essential reading for anyone interested in personality and psychology. Finally, Allport gave balanced consideration to many different theories of prejudice. He drew from most areas of psychology, including clinical, social, personality, and developmental psychology.