chapter  1
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The Author and the Historical Context

ByKarina Jakubowicz

Griselda Pollock's Vision and Difference has long been considered a seminal text in the field of art history. It highlights the cultural and political significance of art, and provides a way of finding and interpreting this significance. Pollock found a group of like-minded thinkers when she joined the London Women's Art History Collective. The Collective consisted of women who wanted art history to be a part of a wider social and political feminist movement. It emerged out of a public meeting that had been organized in support of the Swedish artist Monica Sjoo, who was being prosecuted for obscenity after having exhibited her painting God Giving Birth in 1971. Pollock's work would have been very different (if not impossible) without the academic and political feminist communities of which she was a part. Being an educated woman working in academia, meant she saw how feminism was being applied to academic subjects, such as history, literature, media studies, and psychology.