chapter  3
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The Problem

ByKarina Jakubowicz

The lives and perspectives of women had long been absent from academic discourse, and thinkers differed in terms of how exactly to include these new and challenging elements. It was accepted that the way feminism was treated by art historians would have far-reaching implications, yet a specific method or approach had not been developed. For the most part, a framework was developed by academics simply producing research that concerned female artists or feminism and art. As art historians started to incorporate feminism into their work, different trends and opinions emerged. Some thinkers simply turned their attention to female artists, studying them in much the same manner as they would male artists, while others focused on the practical and social barriers that prevented women from being artists. Many other art historians felt that the subject of art history needed to fundamentally change. In Vision and Difference, Griselda Pollock set her work apart from that of Greer.