chapter  5
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Main Ideas

ByKarina Jakubowicz

The main themes of Griselda Pollock's Vision and Difference are indicated in the subtitle of the text: Feminism, Femininity and the Histories of Art. The terms used in the subtitle highlight the text's core concerns, the first being a political movement (feminism), the second a psychoanalytical term for a position within the structure of sexual difference (femininity), and the third being histories of art. The first chapter of the text ("Feminist Interventions in the Histories of Art") examines the need for feminism in art history, and asks what the addition of feminism to art history entails for the researcher. The second chapter ("Vision, Voice and Power: Feminist Art Histories and Marxism") shows how the production of artistic images is embedded in power relationships, and consequently perpetuates the structures of power within society. Her next chapter ("Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity") highlights where and how female subjects are located in artworks.