chapter  8
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Place in the Author’s Life and Work

WithBilal Badat

The Transformation of Islamic Art During the Sunni Revival is the synthesis and expansion of the ideas explored by Yaseer Tabbaa both during and after his PhD dissertation. He describes how this book represents a metamorphosis from his focused dissertation on the architectural patronage of the mid-twelfth century ruler Nur al-Din Zangi to a synthesis of the wider transformations of medieval Islamic art and architecture during the Sunni revival. The temporal and geographical limits of the investigation had to be extended well beyond the limits of the original study on Nur al-Din. Some themes deriving from the political and theological concerns of the Sunni revival had to be expanded, while much formal analysis had to be curtailed. The chronological approach of the first project had to be replaced by a typological and thematic approach that specifically focuses on the question of transformations.