chapter  21
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Twenty-One The Psyche of a Depressed and Disappointed Unit Master

WithJonathan Harris

Never mind designing a ‘signature’ building; these days I have trouble designing my signature (‘architects’, like most of the ‘artists’, in inverted commas and comas, who teach in universities, seem to have trouble expressing themselves, and end up not being able to ‘teach’ nor ‘practice’ at what is still, laughably, called a profession.) From architecture, then, to that euphemistic black-hole called ‘architectural studies’: studies that are shaped like a leaky boat with most of the dirt luckily below the waterline of popular intelligibility – real horrors such as ‘building management science’, ‘energy conservation modelling’, ‘construction economics theory’, portable buildings, for god’s sake! Right down in the bowels of the pedagogic machine, then, slopping around with the shit-shovellers in ‘Civic Design Studies’, or what ever they call themselves these days.