chapter  1
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The evolution of building performance evaluation: an introduction

WithWolfgang F.E. Preiser and Jacqueline C. Vischer

Editorial comment Building performance evaluation (BPE) is an innovative approach to the planning, design, construction and occupancy of buildings. It is based on feedback and evaluation at every phase of building delivery, ranging from strategic planning to occupancy, through the building’s life cycle. It covers the useful life of a building from move-in to adaptive reuse or recycling. BPE came into being as a result of knowledge accumulating from years of postoccupancy studies of buildings, the results of which contained important information for architects, builders and others involved in the process of creating buildings – information that is infrequently accessed and rarely applied in most building projects. How then to systematize not only the research activities needed to acquire feedback from users at every stage, but also to ensure that such feedback is directly applied to the building delivery process, such that it is incorporated throughout?