chapter  9
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Geotourism: a perspective from the USA

WithAlexander E. Gates

Although geology was the premier science in the United States (and indeed the world) throughout the nineteenth century (Gates et al., 2002), its popularity and

Figure 9.1 Map of the United States showing the locations of National Parks and local sites that are discussed in the text. (A) Arches National Monument; (AF) Agate Fossil Beds National Monument; (B) Badlands National Park; (CL) Crater Lake; (D) Dinosaur National Monument; (DT) Devil’s Tower National Monument; (FB) Fossil Butte National Monument; (FL) Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument; (GC) Grand Canyon National Park; (H) Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument; (JD) John Day Fossil Beds National Monument; (K) Katmai National Park; (M) Mammoth Caves National Park; (P) Petrified Forest National Monument; (S) Sterling Hill Mine; (SH) Mount Saint Helens National Park; (V) Volcanoes National Monument; (Y) Yosemite National Park; (YS) Yellowstone National Park. Cities (bold letters): A, Atlanta; B, Boston; C, Chicago; D, Dallas; LA, Los Angeles; M, Miami;W,Washington, DC; SF, San Francisco.