chapter  10
19 Pages

Geotourism in Ireland and Britain

WithPatrick Mc Keever, Jonathan Larwood, Alan McKirdy

It is these landscapes that draw visitors to Ireland and Britain from all over the world and which, for many parts of these islands, support a thriving tourist industry.Yet how many of these visitors are aware of the fascinating stories behind the formation of these landscapes? Furthermore, how many of these visitors, or indeed our own general public, are able to access information, at an appropriate level of interpretation, that helps reveal these great stories from geological time? Geological tourism in Ireland and Britain has a long established pedigree. However, until recently it operated as a bit of a ‘closed shop’ in which only geologists (both professional and amateur) were able to partake, largely because publications and presentations were couched in scientific terms. In more recent years, a concerted effort has been made to bring the great and diverse geological heritage of Ireland and Britain to the wider, non-geological, public.