chapter  11
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Geotourism in Spain: resources and environmental management

WithJosé M. Calaforra, Ángel Fernández-Cortés

Working Group and also supported by UNESCO, aims to produce a global inventory of the Earth’s geological heritage (Wimbledon, 1996, 1998).The second step of this methodology was the selection of the most valuable and representative sites of these geological frameworks (geosites). Spain’s geological diversity provides a great number of frameworks of global significance, due to the high quality of outcrops, and it has allowed the selection of illustrative geosites (García-Cortés et al., 2001). In particular, the choice of geosites in Spain has tried to take account of criteria related to the potential use of georesources (Cendrero, 1996), especially from the point of view of tourism – accessibility, proximity to population centres, or the number of tourist activities that can be developed.