chapter  5
Marketing Communications for Destinations and Venues: Principles and Theories Introduction The communications process The messages to be communicated to the market Customer relationship management Publications Exhibiting at trade shows The role of advertising The characteristics and role of public relations The objectives of ambassador programmes Summary Review and discussion questions Sources
ByDirect marketing
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Learning Outcomes On completion of this chapter, you should be able to:

■ appreciate the uses of customer relationship management ■ discuss the main techniques employed in direct marketing ■ understand the role played by publications and the various media that can be used

Introduction As was highlighted in Chapter 4, in order to be effective, a destination’s or venue’s annual marketing plan should include the marketing communications activities that will be undertaken in order to achieve some of the specific objectives of the plan. These objectives will almost certainly involve bringing the destination or the venue to the attention of potential buyers in a cost-effective manner. But comprehensive marketing communications campaigns will include the full range of activities and techniques that focus on developing relationships with buyers and other stakeholders, as opposed to simply concentrating on generating sales.