chapter  5
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K-City and Society Entrepreneurship for Intellectual Capital Growth

WithLeif Edvinsson

The open space in between intelligence (what we know) and ignorance (what we do not know that we do not know) might be seen as the opportunity space for knowledge navigation of the knowledge city of tomorrow. This space is also the opportunity room for society entrepreneurship adding to the evolution of knowledge cities. Quizzics, as the art and science of questioning, might be an initial mind-stimulating dimension. What are the most critical questions to ask to stimulate the thought process for the insights of Knowledge Cities (K-cities)? Here are some suggestions:

What dominates today? What we know about K-cities versus what we do not know? What are the major characteristics or distinctions of a K-city? What drives the evolution of a K-city, the so-called demand factors or supply factors? If you were to migrate into another city, what are you looking for? If you were to stay, what do you appreciate most? What makes your city attractive for the creative class of knowledge workers? How do we transform the traditional harbor of goods into the knowledge harbor? What kind of social innovations do we see today in K-cities? If your city were up for sale, would you buy it? Is there another value logic emerging, calling for another, active intelligence and society entrepreneurship. What might be the future earning capabilities, or roots for the fruits of a K-city?