chapter  12
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A Capital System for Monterrey

WithFrancisco Javier Carrillo

A Capital System for Monterrey Francisco Javier Carrillo, The World Capital Institute and The Center for Knowledge Systems, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

This chapter is a follow-up to Chapter 4. The purpose here is to illustrate, in the particular case of the city of Monterrey, the Generic Capitals System introduced there. The intention is that this list may help other cities develop a complete and consistent set of indicators, within a coherent and practical framework. This chapter contains mainly the hierarchical list of capitals or “social knowledge accounts” for Monterrey. Whereas this is an independent exercise, it makes reference to the formal initiative to develop Monterrey as a KC. The Project “Monterrey: International City of Knowledge” is one of five strategic initiatives of the 2004-2009 Nuevo León State Government Administration, The Project’s objectives and main lines of action are described in the Project’s Manifesto (“Monterrey: International City of Knowledge,” CORPES, 2005), the Project’s webpage, and the document describing the five strategic initiatives, downloadable from intro_cd_conocimiento.