chapter  9
Photo Layouts
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The Photo Layout feature is brand new to Elements 5.0 but owes it’s heritage, at least in part, to the album page creation wizards of previous versions of the program. The new feature combines the template-like production of the older feature with:

the ability to auto place and size a series of selected photos,

a new layer type (Frame layer) that can store, and provide edit options, for both an image

and its frame,

a new multi-page document format called the Photo Creation or .PSE document,

the option to apply frames, backgrounds and whole themes (a combination of frames and

backgrounds) to Photo Layout projects (see Figure 9.1),

a series of new or revamped Photo Creation wizards (see Figure 9.2), and

the ability to add text, graphics, shapes and special effects to the project from those listed in

the Artwork and Effects palette.