chapter  14
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Preparing for the mix: music 188


Aims Music is one area of audio post production that many directors and producers deliberate over most, and it can contribute a large part of the emotional content of a piece. Music is a hugely powerful tool in the hands of the filmmaker, regardless of the type of production. It is also a very versatile tool and can work on a number of levels within the soundtrack. Music editing can be as simple as laying the series opening title and end credits music, and locating a few short pieces of library music from CD to cover certain sequences. At the other extreme, it may involve a music editor working with a composer who will compose and orchestrate original music. From these examples, it will be clear that the production budget will determine what musical options are open to the director. Low-budget film and television work, and fast turnaround jobs such as TV promos, sports features, etc., will often be tracklaid using pre-recorded or library music. Another option is to create ‘original’ music by using a software program such as Apple’s ‘Soundtrack’. This enables the user to compose tracks by combining pre-recorded, royalty-free loops that can be edited to picture. Larger budget productions may commission music from a composer, who may use synthesizers if the budget will not stretch to a live recording session with professional musicians. For most feature-film work, the music budget will be large enough to accommodate live recording and pay for any songs that may also be used as part of the soundtrack.